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New Address
We have recently relocated to Indianapolis. Our new address is: 5353 West Southern Ave
Indianapolis, Indiana 46241
(630) 961-5227

IT IS OFFICAL -- Tier 5 Labs, LLC is supplying HELIUM 7.0
Tier 5 Labs, LLC has added to its portfolio of High Accuracy Gases, Helium 7.0. That’s under 100 parts per billion (with a"B") total impurities…. 0.1 ppm! Tier 5 Labs strives to continue in meeting the demands and needs of its Distributor’s Customers by adding ULTRA HIGH HELIUM 7.0. to its long list of pure, manufactured specialty and chemical gases.

Contact Jason at (630) 961-5227 to discuss your need for this ULTRA HIGH product and to locate the nearest Tier 5 Distributor.

Tier 5 Labs LLC is a manufacture of high accuracy specialty gases. Located in Naperville, IL it services the USA though its network of Independent Gas and Welding Distributors. To review the capability of this laboratory see:

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Tier 5 Labs specialty gases meets or, exceeds GMP/QSR requirements for drug and device gases


Tier 5 Labs specialty gases are mixed to individual plant and process specific requirements using GPA guidelines to assure accurate analysis


Zero grade and certified support gases are produced in conformance with EPA specifications and certified to assure stable and repeatable emissions analyzer operation


Tier 5 Labs food and beverage gases meet all FDA requirements and current food good manufacturing standards


Tier 5 Labs will produce only the highest quality pure gases and mixtures for calibrating and supporting instruments.


Tier 5 Labs will produce support and calibration gases required by hospitals, clinical laboratories

To ensure quality and consistency of all products, Tier 5 Labs is an ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and ISO Guide 34:2009 accredited laboratory

Our Commitment to Our Customers — Tier 5 Labs, an ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and ISO Guide 34:2009 accredited lab, commits to meeting the needs of its customer’s expectations all the time, every time.